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Our Pink Services

Welcome to Pink Venus. We provide oriental escort service and boost a gallery of fine looking young oriental ladies (or goddesses, as they should be correctly referred to) who are, down to earth (ironic isn’t it), heart warming and most pleasant to be with. Most important of all, they are gorgeous – just check our gallery and know that they will be just a phone call away. Give us a call and talk to our receptionists who are goddesses in their own right and will guide you to the right one whom you will certainly enjoy your time with.

If you are new to escort booking, take heart in the knowledge that against all odds you have come to the right place. It’s a jungle out there, and old hands know enough to watch their steps. At Pink Venus we always feature only the “cream of the crop” girls and if you need help in choosing one we’ll do our best to sort that out with you. Simply put, we do our best to make sure you enjoy your time, and we believe for that exact reason many fine gentlemen choose to come back to us. We hope you’ll be one too!